The Secret to Consistency in Your Direct Sales Business

Whatever your goals are for your direct sales or network marketing business, consistency will be the not so secret ingredient to achieving them.  Here are 5 things you can do to be more consistent this year and stay on track to reaching your goals in your direct sales business. 1. Break your goals down into activities. Goals are the starting point but your daily activities are the gasoline in the vehicle that gets you to your destination.  If you have a goal to reach $3000 in ...

How Introverts Can Succeed In Direct Sales and Network Marketing

Are you an introvert who thinks they can’t be successful in direct sales or do you have introverts on your direct sales team & want to learn how to help them succeed? As an introvert myself who also attracted a lot of introverts to my direct sales team, I understand the struggles introverts face with building a successful direct sales business. I can, however, tell you that being an introvert or extrovert really has nothing to do with how successful you can be in direct sales or any ...

How to re-ignite the passion and fun in your direct sales business

One of the reasons I fell in love with having my own career in direct sales (and even now as a coach) was because of how much fun it was. Being your own boss is awesome. Getting to control your schedule and work around your family’s activities is also a great benefit. Earning free products, prizes and recognition and the confidence that gives you is definitely rewarding. Getting to use your personality and your own creative talents to build something that matters is incredible. The ...

Simple Tips to Get & Keep your Home Office Organized

Whether you work from home full time or part time, having an organized home office space is one key to success and keeping your sanity in your small business.  Here are a few simple tips to get and to keep your home office organized. Be sure to grab your FREE Printable Home Office Organization Checklist at the end of this post before you leave too! 5 Simple Tips to Organize Your Home Office 1. Use Shelving Units, Bookcases, Pull Out Drawer Bins, Totes and Boxes to create a place ...

How to pivot and thrive in direct sales

Things are a little scary in the world right now & there is a lot of uncertainty. I’ve thought a lot and talked with other entrepreneurial friends about how this may affect our businesses and what we should do as leaders & influencers. I keep coming back to one of my main reasons for having my business – to help, encourage & empower others & make a difference… 💡Be the light. Be a voice. Be an encourager. Be a helper. ➡️➡️➡️ That includes ...


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