How to be more confident as a direct seller or network marketer

I used to think that confidence was something that you either have or don’t have. And that I wasn’t one of those people who had it. What I have learned though is that confidence is something you can develop. Having confidence is key for being successful in building your direct sales business. Have you ever thought: “if only I were more outgoing, extroverted, confident, put-together, organized, pretty or _______ – that I could be as successful as others are in direct ...

How to take action even when you feel like you can’t

It’s easy to get caught up in all the things we feel like we can’t do or don’t know how to do or are afraid to do in our direct sales business or life… What we should focus on instead are ALL the things we CAN do. Trust me there are plenty of things you can do to grow your direct sales business & improve your life! For instance… If you don’t feel confident enough to do FB lives for your business, then do recorded videos. If videos feel too scary or you ...

How to Create a Blog for your Direct Sales Business

I often get asked how to create a blog and how to get started blogging for your direct sales business. Blogging can be a great way to promote your direct sales or small business. You can share valuable information about your products, services and the solutions you provide. You can also use your blog to help create a brand for yourself so you stand out from all the other consultants out there. Having a blog with good content that includes search engine optimization (SEO) can also help bring ...

How to shift your direct sales business by focusing on income producing activities

Let’s talk About Direct Sales Income Producing Activities (IPA’s), how you can do more of them and make more money! One of the biggest reasons most people don’t make much profit in their business is because they spend more time on BUSY WORK rather than on BUSINESS WORK. Posting your sales fliers, host specials, kit offers on FB is NOT a direct sales income producing activity! Creating cool social media graphics on Canva is NOT AN IPA. Organizing your office is NOT AN IPA. ...

Why your direct sales company is not the best one out there

Last week in one of the direct sales networking groups I am a member of, there was quite a bit of company bashing after one particular direct sales company was somewhat trashed on a TV show. (This did not happen in my groups as I don’t allow that kind of behavior.) It really made me sad to see several consultants dive in and start saying how horrible that company was and how much better their company was and even going as far as trying to recruit people away from that ...

How to overcome a setback or slump in your direct sales business

Has life ever knocked you backwards or have you ever gotten really off track in your direct sales business or just feel like you didn’t know how you were gonna pick yourself up and move forward or get going again? If so, this video is for you. (transcript is below too if you prefer to read) Hey, I’m Misty with Direct Selling CEO. I’m a coach and business mentor and I help people in direct sales improve their confidence, productivity and authenticity so that they can step ...

Social Media Scheduling Apps for Direct Sellers and Network Marketers

One of the most common questions I hear in my networking groups is related to which of the social media scheduling apps for direct sales and home party plan reps is the best. In this post I am going to be comparing several different social media scheduling and management apps: CinchShare, Post My Party, Post Planner, Vizzlie, Post Cron, TinyTorch, Synduit, Hootsuite, Buffer & Sendible. I will be breaking down the costs, features, benefits, ease of use and an overall impression of ...

How to get comfortable showing up, being visible & speaking up

Do you struggle with showing up, being visible, sharing what you offer and speaking up in your life or direct sales business? Sweet friend, I want you to know that I understand. Sometimes I go days or weeks without posting on FB and I seldom post videos or selfies. Speaking up, being visible, saying what I feel, standing up for myself is HARD for me. I have multiple traumas from being bullied as a kid & teenager, abusive relationships, toxic work environments, some serious online bullying a ...

Direct Sales Time Management Tips

If we want to achieve our goals and enjoy more life and less hustle, we don’t need more time. What we need to do is to manage our time and priorities better. Here are a few direct sales time management tips to help you work smarter. Only say yes to the best & to things that bring you closer to your goals. We need to make sure we are only saying yes to the best and to things that bring us closer to our goals. We need to make sure we are choosing to spend time on what matters most and ...

How to decide which direct sales party plan or network marketing company is the best for you

As a Direct Sales Coach, I am often asked about which direct sales businesses are the best ones to join. I believe there are many great direct sales and network marketing companies to choose from. We each have to find the right company and products for ourselves based on our own personal interests and preferences. There are several important things you should consider as you try to decide which direct sales or network marketing business is the right one for you. In this training, I’m ...


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