How to change the negative view of direct sales & direct sales reps

(This post is from 2015 but still relevant on the topic). A recent article on the blog Scary Mommy, has caused a lot of disappointment for many direct sellers. The author of the article discusses her outright distaste (hatred is a better word) and frustration at constantly being added to Facebook groups and parties for direct sales companies and being bombarded with sales specials and people who friend you only to push their direct sales business as well as pretty much the entire direct sales ...

5 tips to improve your direct sales recruiting & team building

Many direct sellers and network marketers struggle with recruiting and team building because of a lack of self-confidence. Often times the fear of rejection from recruiting in direct sales. Sometimes they feel like they do not know the right word choices to share their opportunity effectively. They may not have good systems for onboarding and team training in place. Perhaps they have had trouble recruiting in the past or had recruits who joined and didn’t get active or that left the ...

Host Coaching Tips for Successful Home Parties

If you are a direct sales or party plan consultant, you know that one of the most important aspects of having a successful home or online party is effective host coaching.  It is essential that you give each hostess a plan; a plan for a successful party! If your host does not know what you want them to accomplish, they won’t be able to do the things necessary for them to not only have a successful party but also to earn as much of their wishlist for free as possible. Most direct ...

30 Days of Thankfulness for Direct Sellers Challenge + Free Printable

With November being Thanksgiving month in the USA, it is a great time to reflect on what you are grateful for. You will see many people take part in a 30 days of thankfulness challenge on their social media. Each day they post something they are thankful for. Having an attitude of gratitude can change how you look at things, how you act and react and shift your focus to being more positive. As a direct seller, one of the most important areas we can focus on in our business is customer ...

Seven Ideas to Build Your Direct Sales or Party Plan Business outside of the Home Party

As a direct sales or home party plan consultant, there are times when your party calendar might be a little bare due to the season or cancellations or you might not be able or want to do as many in-home parties or demo’s.   There are many ways that you can build your direct sales or party plan business outside of the home party.  These ideas can be used for incremental sales every single month or to rev up your business when home parties are low. Here are Seven Ideas to Build ...

3 Ways to be More Productive in your Direct Sales Business

Ready to learn how to be more productive, balance your time and work your business smarter? Whether you work a full-time job and your direct sales business on the side, have a family or are trying to take your business to full time, productivity will be the key to your success. Here are 3 easy ways you can be more productive in your direct sales business: Being productive all starts with priorities. You have to first know what your priorities are in your life and in your business, the ...

What gardening can teach us about building a successful direct sales business

One day when I was watering my flowers, I started thinking about how our direct sales businesses are so similar to a garden. When you decide to plant a garden, you have to make preparations for it first.  You have to choose what types of plants to purchase and how to arrange them.  You have to till the ground and get it ready for planting.  Then you have to plant the seeds or flowers.  Once planted, you still have to water them and take care of the garden until it ...

5 Leadership Lessons I Learned The Hard Way in my Direct Sales Business

Being a leader in the direct sales industry for nearly 10 years, there were many leadership lessons that I learned. The ones that have left the greatest impact are the ones I learned the hard way. Often times we have to fail, fall down, make mistakes and be humbled to really learn and understand what leadership is really all about.  Below are five leadership lessons that I learned the hard way. 1. You do not have to know everything to be a leader.  It’s impossible to ...

Vendor Event Success Tips for Direct Sellers & Network Marketers

If you are a direct sales or home party plan business owner, a great way to get new contacts and leads for your business is by doing a vendor event.  There are several kinds of vendor events you can set up a display booth at right in your local area. A few examples include community street festivals, county fairs, school and church bazaars, charitable events and direct sales networking group events. Why participate in a vendor event for your direct sales business? I personally prefer ...

5 weekly actions that will keep your direct sales or home party plan business alive & thriving!

After having been successfully involved in direct sales and the home party plan business for many years, I am often asked how I have been able to keep my home party business alive and thriving all that time. Several years ago during a direct sales training I put together an acronym with 5 actions you should take each week to ensure you create a successful direct sales business. I call it 5 Alive & Thrive! These five steps and principles will help you ...


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