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How to Recruit in Direct Sales Without Being Pushy


Many direct sellers and network marketers are afraid to talk to others about their business because they don’t want to come across as being pushy.  Offering your opportunity to someone is simply that, offering them information and the choice to decide whether it’s right for them or not.

There are a lot of people who are skeptical of direct sales and network marketing because unfortunately there are some representatives who are pushy and aggressive and present their opportunity in a way that comes across aggressive and rude. 

This doesn’t have to be you though! You can learn how to share your opportunity and recruit in direct sales without being pushy.  Please don’t let that or the fear of rejection keep you from sharing your amazing business opportunity.  There are many ways to recruit, share you opportunity & attract potential team members that are not pushy or aggressive.

Four key things to keep in mind when recruiting to remain authentic & attract more of the right people to your team

First, be passionate about sharing your business opportunity and about believing in the opportunity that’s available for someone to create their own amazing business and life. Even if you are not as successful or where you want to be at in the business. It doesn’t mean someone else can’t come in and be super successful, too. You might be the door, you might be the entry way for somebody else that’s looking and just desperately needing this type of opportunity in their life. You could be the person that gives them that gift and that chance. Even if they come in and they’re more successful than you.

You need to believe that this opportunity can and will make a difference in the lives of others. You need to also believe in yourself, in your dreams, in your goals, in your ability to be successful. Your ability to learn, and grow, and become a team leader.

Maybe you’re new, maybe you don’t have any recruits, maybe you haven’t been as successful as you want to be, maybe you don’t know everything yet. Guess what? Nobody ever knows everything in this business.

We’re all still learning as we go and there’s no pinnacle to reach. It’s a continued journey, so you don’t need to have been in the business for a certain amount of time, know a certain amount of answers, or have a certain amount of success to be able to recruit. You only need to keep learning, trying and believing in your ability to figure things out as you go.

People are drawn to passionate people. They want to be part of something that is exciting and that’s bigger than themselves. Your vibe attracts your tribe. People are going to be caught up in that excitement, that energy, and your belief, and your passion, what you’re building, what you’re enjoying, and the team that you have, and that whole environment.  Be very careful how you present yourself, what you put out there, and in the way that you share and promote your business. Make sure you’re letting that passion & authenticity shine so that people are attracted to it.

Get excited, get passionate about the opportunity you have to change the lives of others. Your life is going to change to the proportion of the lives that you change. You are always going to be able to be rewarded so much more by helping other people.

Second, have a bigger picture mission and vision for your team & business. I’d love for you to  create a mission statement for your team. What is it that you want to accomplish through your team? What is it you want your team to be part of and feel like they’re part of something bigger than them? What is it you want other people to say about your team? Whether it’s helping change their financial future, gain confidence, live healthy, create a better life for their family, what are you passionate about offering others through your business? How can you relate that in your recruiting messages & in the ethics you build your team off on? Create a team name and a mission statement and start using it. You may even want to create a vision board for your team with the # of leaders you want to promote, incentive trips, titles, prizes you & your team can earn, empowering quotes, the # of lives you want to change.

Third, you need to remember when it comes to recruiting and building a team is that it’s just your job to share that gift and let others decide what they’re going to do with it. Your business opportunity is an amazing gift that you have the ability to give to others. It might not be the right gift for every person, but it’s not up to you to decide.

Your job is just to share the information, to share the gift to let others decide whether they’re going to say yes or no and accept it, or whether they’re going to take all the parts of that gift and utilize it in their own lives too. That’s it. Your job is just to share and to keep sharing.

It is the same as having to continue to work to get new customers or book more parties, you have to continually recruit. Recruiting is not a one and done thing. Recruiting isn’t something where you get 10 people and then you’re done. There’s a really large turnover rate in Direct Sales. You need to understand that roughly three out of four people who join a Direct Sales company will either not do anything with it, or will only do a little bit, or will only stay a year. So, that means one out of four people that you recruit is likely to stay for the long haul. That’s why you need to continue to share with more and more people.

You always want to be talking about the benefits, the opportunity in everything you do. Don’t make recruiting an optional thing. That’s the best product that you have to offer. The best thing that you can get in your business is a new recruit. The best product someone can buy is the opportunity, the business kit to start their own business. Make it your key focus. When you’re doing your host coaching, offer your host the opportunity to join. When you’re doing your parties, your demonstrations, your Facebook parties, your online classes be sure you’re presenting the opportunity and inviting people to come and learn more and join your business. When you do vendor events, have your business kit set up and different signs and things. At your tables at your parties too, where people see that there’s an opportunity and they can ask you questions.

You can also do different things like opportunity events or opportunity webinars where people come and listen to a presentation. Where they learn about something motivational to help them reach their goals and dreams. They hear from other people who have been successful and benefited from the business. Then, you invite them to come and join your team. You can do that in an in-person event or an online webinar type thing. You can record a video where you talk about your personal story and your testimonial about why joined, what the business has done for you, how it’s helped other people, and invite people to come and join your business and learn more.

Have a survey that they can fill out so that you can get more information from them on their interest levels. Then, follow up one on one with them after they watch the video, or attend the webinar, or the in-person event so that you can do that follow up and build that relationship. Get that yes from them if the opportunity is right for them. You can do lots of other things from shouting out and celebrating your team and recognizing / congratulating them on social media. Sharing from your parties, your team events, attending conference, and how the business is making a difference in your life.

Lastly, remember that recruiting is not about you. When you talk to a potential recruit, it’s great to share your story, your passion, your success about what the business has done for you and is going to do for you. But, you need to remember to help them envision how the business is going to make all those things real for them. Or help them reach whatever their own personal goals and their dreams are.

You can do this through your word choices and a variety of different methods. From one on one interview processes and just different ways that you ask open ended questions, specific questions and things that allow them to really picture themselves utilizing the business, and working the business, and making the income, and enjoying the different perks and things as well.

Keep your ears open. Always keep your ears open and listen to what people are saying. When you’re talking to your customers, your party guests, your hosts, or at events. Share the opportunity through games and through demonstrations at your parties and visual things. Do different videos, and share your story, and talk about the different benefits for joining. So many other things and ways that you can do to market your business. But, most of all just share that gift. Treat everybody with the same respect whatever their decision is. Keep the door open because someone might say no right now. Maybe they just don’t have enough information, they need more. Maybe they need more time. Maybe it’s just not the right time.

Keep following up, put them on a drip list. When there’s a new business kit, or another opportunity event that you’re doing, or another class and you can invite them to come to that. Let them learn more, you may have somebody three months, six months, a year down the road is the right time for them and they decide to join, you just never know.

You have so much power in your hands with your business opportunity to help somebody else change their life. Why do you want to keep that to yourself? Get out there, start sharing that gift with everybody, everywhere, every chance you get. Let them decide what to do with that gift. The right people are going to come to you when you let your passion and your genuine heart of serving others shine.

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