Direct Sales Toolkit and Planner System

Organizing your direct sales business & controlling your time doesn't have to be so overwhelming...

If you're ready to stop the chaos & start working smarter, there is an easier way - with my printable direct sales planning system, the training & tools that are included with the Direct Selling CEO Business Toolkit!

Printable Direct Sales Planner System - DSCEO


The Toolkit includes the DSCEO Direct Sales Planner System. The Printable Planner is available in EIGHT different designs / color choices.

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The printable planner & training in the DSCEO Toolkit will help you:

Even if you've tried other planning systems, have never been able to stick to a schedule, seem to always get stuck in procrastination or aren't really even sure what activities you need to be doing...

Kyla - Testimonial

Over 5,000 direct sellers from 14+ countries have purchased the DSCEO Toolkit & are using the printable/ downloadable planning pages to work like a CEO!

You can create an efficient schedule, organize your tasks, get in control of your time, increase your confidence, productivity & consistency with the DSCEO Toolkit!

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The Toolkit includes 3 tools:

1. DSCEO Printable Direct Sales Planning System
& Tutorials for how to Implement Systems, Use the Planner & Increase Productivity -  8 Designs / Colors to choose from for the Printable Planner.

2. CEO Mindset, Direct Sales Systems & 90 Day Planning Classes 
(to give you the strategies to start stepping into the role of a CEO in your business & work smarter)

3. Schedule Smarter Workshop & Workbook 
(to help you create a weekly action plan and effective schedule to reach your goals and definition of success)

Buy Now Button - Printable Planner - $21.97

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Imagine if every day you:

😍 felt calm, confident, excited and ready to work in your business

😍 knew exactly what to do that day (and every day) to grow your business and get the results you want...

😍 had checklists to follow and processes in place in a business planning system that make it easy for you to follow through...

😍 looked at your calendar and saw a daily, weekly and monthly activity plan mapped out for achieving your goals consistently...

😍 were in control of your time and balancing your life and work better...

😍 actually enjoyed working your direct sales business consistently like a CEO without having to hustle...

All your struggles with time management, creating a schedule and being consistent are not uncommon.

It's not even entirely your fault that your direct sales business is running you more than you are running it.

I used to have those same problems and after working with and helping thousands of others direct sellers, I realized something fundamental is missing in the training and tools available to direct sellers.

You see, most direct sellers don't ever get any serious training on time management, business management or developing a success mindset.

Unfortunately, the focus tends to be on marketing strategies and product information.

Those strategies are essential, but knowing all the marketing techniques in the world
won't help you create the necessary skills for running your business like a CEO.

So how do you overcome those struggles?

By implementing systems & a schedule that help you think & work like a CEO!

The Direct Selling CEO Toolkit

provides all the printable & fillable PDF checklists, planning pages, training & tools you need to streamline your business, get organized and create an efficient schedule so you can stop spinning wheels & wasting so much time!

✔️ Take Control of Your Time

✔️ Organize Your Business

✔️ Master Your To Do List

✔️Increase your Results

✔️ Be more Consistent

✔️ Create more Ease in your Life

It's time to start working more like a CEO
with the training, tools & resources included in the DSCEO Toolkit!

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Choose your Printable Planner Design Now

Printable Direct Sales Planner System - DSCEO

Buy Now Button - Printable Planner - $21.97

There are over 80 planning pages, checklists and tracking sheets specific to the key areas of building a successful DS business PLUS Monthly, Weekly & Daily Calendar Pages!

The files are set up by sections and in a 3 Month Ready to Print front & back format.

For the PRINTABLE PLANNER - All you have to do is choose the files (calendar start date, weekly layout, other sections) that you want to use based on your business focus, download them and print. Then add the pages to a 3 ring binder or Disc System of your choice and start planning!

And you can choose from 8 different designs  / color schemes for the printable planner too!

Simply Divine Planner

Luscious Planner

Vintage Elegance

Ethereal Planner

Rose All Day Planner

Blooming Faith Planner

Cool Confetti Planner

Fierce Planner

Pages & Sections included in the Printable Planner:

Planner Pages 1Planner Pages 2Planner Pages 3

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Having a successful direct sales business shouldn't be so complicated.

Misty Kearns

Hello, I'm Misty Kearns, Coach, Business Mentor, introvert & former top leader in direct sales. I help direct sellers step into the role of a CEO so they can create more success without all the stress. 

I started in direct sales in 2006 as a kitnapper, never thinking it would become a life-changing career that would open so many doors for me. I didn't have a clue what I was doing in the beginning and most of the training I was given access to was about marketing, products and team building.

I quickly found myself overwhelmed and stressed out with trying to track, manage, follow through and organize my business. Then as I began leading a team, I realized they were having the same struggles with time management and a lack of processes. 

I looked for a solution but when I couldn't find anything specific for direct sellers, I decided to create something for myself. The first version of the CEO of Me® (now Direct Selling CEO) printable direct sales business planning system was created over 12 years ago.

I began coaching and mentoring other direct sellers & selling my printable planning system in 2016.  Since then, over 5,000 direct sellers have purchased the toolkit & are using the printable planning system to get organized, implement systems & optimize their businesses.

I know how frustrating it can be to manage a growing direct sales business, keep everything organized and control your time.

I also know that when you have a plan, step by step checklists, systems and processes in place that it's easier to show up and do what you need to each day to get the results you want!

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There are tons of apps, tools & programs for task management & business organization BUT those tools are not set up to help with many of the direct sales specific activities.

My Direct Selling CEO Toolkit & Planner System is the solution to help you save time, get organization and work like the CEO you are meant to be! It includes these 3 tools:

1. DSCEO Printable Direct Sales Planning System & Tutorials for how to Implement Systems, Use the Planner & Increase Productivity -  8 Designs / Colors to choose from for the Printable Planner!

2. CEO Mindset, Direct Sales Systems & 90 Day Planning Classes (to give you the strategies to start stepping into the role of a CEO in your business & work smarter)

3. Schedule Smarter Workshop & Workbook (to help you create a weekly action plan and effective schedule to reach your goals and definition of success)

Simply Divine Preview

Buy Now Button - Printable Planner - $21.97

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is this a physical product I will receive in the mail or digital download? How will I access it?

Answer: This is a printable planner only. It is a digital download via a zip file and all files are PDF files.  Once you purchase, you'll receive an email with your access info and you can download it from your member's area on my website. I do not offer a printed version of it. This system is customizable and meant for you to use the pages you need, skip the ones you don't and print more as you need it for years to come. You can access the training in your member's area anytime as well.

Question: What size are the pages? Is this set up to be printed for smaller planners like Disc bound, ARC, Happy Planners or A5 size planners? 

 Answer: The files come in 8 1/2 x 11 full page size. You can use Adobe PDF to "print to scale" option and print the pages smaller to fit the standard 7x9 planners like the Happy Planner or smaller for A5 and simply trim the excess of the page.  We find that the worksheets are best suited for at least 7x9 or larger size disc systems or binders. 

Question: Is this toolkit/planner only for USA direct sellers or will it work if I'm in the UK, AU, CA or Europe?

Answer: About 25% of my customers / DS Toolkit users are from countries other than the US, including the UK, AU/NZ, Canada & a small % in European countries like Spain, Germany, France & Romania to name a few.   Over 5,000 direct sellers from 15+ countries worldwide have purchased / are using the systems. 🙂

I've been involved in the direct sales industry since 2006 (coaching since 2016) and have experience working with consultants, team leaders and companies from multiple countries

None of my products or training is company or country specific. I've done my best to make sure everything is relevant and able to be implemented for as broad of an audience as possible. 

Question: I don't really do parties for my business, will this toolkit & the systems still help me? 

Answer: Yes, absolutely! It is not focused on parties, parties are only 1 section of the planner and 1 activity that some people do in their business. The training & toolkit is setup to work for anyone in direct sales, network marketing or traditional party plan company to use to create & implement systems, get organized and work smarter no matter whether they do parties or not.

Question: I already have a calendar planner that I love, how is this different?

Answer: The Direct Selling CEO Printable Planner is not really a "calendar planner". It does come with multiple monthly, weekly and daily planning pages for those who want to use it for scheduling but it is more of a Business Planner & Systems Toolkit for your Business since it includes sections, worksheets, checklists and tools to use to create and implement systems in all areas of your business so you can be more organized and work smarter.

Question: Will I have to purchase the toolkit planner again each year or be charged again for it?

Answer: No, this is a one time purchase product, not a subscription. You will have continued access to whatever design you purchase.

If you purchase Premium Access you'll have continued access to all current and future designs at no extra cost.

The calendar pages are undated so you can print it again year after year and will not need to purchase a new one.

I do not guarantee to update or keep ALL designs forever. I do retire older designs from time to time. If that happens, you will still have access to the older version / design you purchased as long as you have downloaded the files, you can continue to use it.

Question: Can I buy this and then share the files with my team or other direct sellers?

Answer: No, your purchase entitles you to only ONE licence of the planner for your own personal/business use. The planner is copyrighted and sharing, selling, distributing, copying it to give or sell to someone else is illegal and also just not nice. I do however offer a very generous affiliate program where you can make a commission from referring others to purchase the planner.

Question: Can I have the toolkit printed at Office Depot or other stores or somewhere online?

Answer: Yes, you can. However, we don't recommend you do that. 

We recommend that you print ONLY the pages and/or sections that you need as you need them and print more each month or quarter rather than having it printed in a mass bundle somewhere.

The Toolkit is set up for you to create a customized toolkit and organizer suited especially for your own business needs. You will most likely not use all of the pages and may need more of 1 page than another.

 We  recommend the HP Instant Print Printers & Instant Ink Program as a very affordable option for printing at home. The printers are as low as $50-75 and you can print 100-400 pages a month for as little as $2-15 a month. This is way more affordable than having it printed somewhere.

All sales final. No refunds. This is digital download product & meant for personal use only (single user license).

This is NOT A PHYSICAL PRODUCT, you will not receive anything in the mail.   This is a digital download of files & online courses. The printable planner system is a bundle of PDF files for you to download and print at your own home to create your own custom business planner. The PDF files are also fillable so they can be typed in and saved to any device if you don't want to print them. The Digital version works with Goodnotes on iPads and apps like Xodo on Android tablets.

You will receive an email with the link to access to the download links & Training Videos after completing your purchase.

By purchasing you agree to our terms.   For help, support or additional questions, email

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