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50 Lead Magnet Ideas for Direct Sales


Do you have a lead magnet for your business? How well is it working to bring in and convert customers, hosts and team members?

If you aren’t sure what a lead magnet is or how to create an effective one, here are a few tips & 50 different lead magnet ideas.

A lead magnet is some kind of high-value resource that you offer for free to grow your email / customer list and attract more of your idea customers.

This could be a printable or digital guide, an eBook, an online class or webinar, a printable checklist or tips sheet, a resource sheet, a workbook or any type of document, class, training, tool or resource that your customers sign up for using their email address.

Once signed up, they’ll receive access to the freebie, then you can send them a series of emails to nurture them and turn them into customers, hosts or team members.

You’ve probably signed up for lead magnets before, including some of mine. (Printable Checklists, Free Marketing Bundles, Free Webinars, my Freebie Hub…)

The key to an effective lead magnet is to offer something your ideal customers, hosts or team members want / need / will use / benefit them to help them become more aware of you & your solutions, to initiate or build trust and then nurture the relationship into a transaction (sale, booking, new recruit…) with an email series that follows up automatically and leads them to take action and continues building the relationship.  

If you’re not sure how this might work for your business, here are 50 Lead Magnet Ideas for Direct Sellers:

1. e-Book

2. Printable Checklist

3. Printable Planning Page

4. Printable Planner

5. Printable Tips Sheet

6. Printable Guide

7. Worksheets

8. Workbooks

9. Journals

10. Affirmations

11. Printable Quotes

12. Wall Art

13. Recipe Cards

14. Recipe e-Book

15. Tutorials

16. Organization Checklist

17. Style / Decor Guide

18. Quiz

19. Survey

20. Workshop

21. Webinar

22. Multi-Day Challenge (specific examples below)

23. Online Class

24. Toolkit

25. Squares Challenge

26. Bingo Challenge

27. Beauty Routine Guide + Checklist

28. Gratitude Journal

29. Seasonal-themed printables

30. Video Series on a helpful topic

31. Fashion Guide

32. Household Organization Guide or Checklist

33. Purse Organization Checklist

34. Printable Bible Verses

35. Desktop Wallpapers

36. Phone Wallpapers

37. 30 Day Fitness Challenge

38. 30 Day Healthy Living Challenge

39. 14 Day Declutter Challenge

40. 7 Day Skincare Routine Challenge

41. 7 Day Self care Challenge

42. Monthly Meal Planning Challenge

43. 5 Day Feel Fabulous Challenge (can work for skincare, beauty, jewelry, health/fitness niches…)

44. Makeup Tutorial Guides or Videos

45. Kitchen Hacks Guides or Videos

46. Scrapbook Layout Guide

47. 6 Day Creative Crafter Challenge

48. Personal Safety Tips List

49. Which Purse fits your Personality Quiz

50. Coloring Page(s) 

You can customize any of these ideas for your business. For instance, if you are in a skincare company – you could do a skincare routine guide for teens girls, boys, women or men in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, etc. If you are in a jewelry company, you could do a color / style guide based on different personality types. 

If you want to learn how ALL the details, tips and tricks to easily make effective & high-quality Lead Magnets (and even low-ticket products to offer or sell for any business), then be sure to register for my upcoming Lead Magnet Magic for Direct Sellers Workshop that includes over 100 Canva Templates and an Email Nuture Series Template so you can get your lead magnets & emails set up in a couple of days instead of weeks or months!

➡️ Sign up here for the Lead Magnet Magic for Direct Sellers Workshop & Templates Bundle 

Lead Magnet Magic for Direct Sellers


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