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10+ Best Business Building Tools Black Friday Deals


This year for black friday I thought I would share some of the best deals I’ve seen on tools and resources to help grow your business with more ease, authenticity & productivity.

This post does contain referral links, but I only promote products/programs I personally use or have used, love and find value in. If you choose to purchase through my links, I may earn a small referral fee, thank you in advance!

Deal #1 – Ivory Mix Stock Photos, Canva Templates, Social Media Images, Marketing Training Annual VIP Membership – on sale & 6 bonus mos free

Ivory Mix Styled Stock Images, Canva Templates, Social Media & Content Planning Training & Tools

VIP Membership – 6 months free for Black Friday

Ivory Mix offers an incredible value for what all you get access to!  The VIP Memberhsip is only $167 a year. (Most similar sites are $300-$500 a year!)

When you join Ivory Mix – you’ll get immediate access to thousands of gorgeous stock photos in a variety of colors, themes and styles plus Canva templates, social media images, Reel templates, Story Templates, Pinterest Templates, a 12 month content calendar, content & caption ideas and courses to help you market & grow your business online authentically.

I love the Canva templates for social media, slide decks and worksheets I can customize and make my own for my online marketing, courses, lead magnets, printables and more.

In addition to everything already in the library, each month mebers get access to 100+ NEW photos, social media images, Canva Templates, content ideas and tools.

There is a quarterly membership option BUT the annual VIP option is a much better deal (about 40% annual savings) and you get access to bonus content plus the free 6 mos.

Get all the details about Ivory Mix’s Annaul VIP Membership here and take advantage of the bonus 6 months here now through Mon Nov 28.

Deal #2 – (for direct sellers) Post My Party – Online Facebook Party Courses – only $27 for Black Friday!Social Media Scheduling Apps for Direct Sellers and Network Marketers

If you are a direct seller who does online facebook parties, has a VIP group and/or team group – then this deal is for you!

Post my Party is more than just a social media scheduling tool. They help you create, automate, engage and scale your online parties and social media reach.

They also provide lots of training, tutorials, tips and support to help you learn the platform and learn how to improve your FB shows, social media and grow your business.

Their Black Friday Deal is for their Ultimate Online Party Business Bundle for only $27 (normally $108!) which includes:

  • Part #1 – The Ultimate Party Script
    Are you ready to start generating more orders through your Online Parties and know there has to be a formula but you haven’t been able to figure it out on your own?

    This will help you fine-tune your Online Parties from “ho-hum” to “Orders Coming In NOW” with a step-by-step process that WORKS. 
  • Part #2 – The Host Coaching Guide
    Do your Online Parties struggle to have engaged hosts? Do you know how to coach your host to success?

    This process will teach you exactly how to empower your host. This way your hosts are excited, engaged, and know their role. They’re having a blast and want to keep working with you!  
  • Part #3 – The Booking Guide
    Do you struggle with getting the next Party booked?  Is it a lack of know-how? Or confidence?

    This process is all about how to start the conversations and book up your calendar! It gives you everything you need to know from what to say when they say, “No” to how to get more bookings. 
  • Part #4 – The Recruiting Guide
    Do you struggle with offering your business opportunity?

    This final process is all about the why and how to attract others to join you in your business! It covers the 6 Ingredients to Organic Recruiting, Conversation Scripts, Addressing Concerns, how to craft a Personal Sign-on Bonus Offer and more.

Get Post my Party’s Ultimate Online Party Business Bundle for only $27 here (opens Thurs Nov 24 7:30am.)

Deal #3 – Mailerlite Email Marketing / Newsletters 25% off / 3 Months Free now thru Dec 5Mailerlite Email Program

Mailerlite is having a first time ever Cyber Week Sale for new (and current) customers for their updated email marketing platform.

I’ve been using Mailerlite for my email marketing for 5+ years now. I’ve used a TON of email programs over the years and Mailerlite has by FAR been the easiest, most user friendly, most affordable and provided the best customer service.

It is a great email newsletter and automation software to help you create easy and eye pleasing email newsletters and set up automations for customer and team follow up and nurture sequences.

Mailerlite also offers websites, landing pages, forms and more tools with their advanced plans.

Note: you will need to have your own domain and not use a gmail/yahoo email or your direct sales consultant website to be approved.

Get 25% off and 3 months free with an annual Mailerlite plan here until Dec 5.

PS – you can also try out Mailerlite’s basic plan for FREE for up to 1,000 subscribers. It doesn’t offer all the features, but is great if you have a small list or are just starting out.

Deal #4 – Online Template Shop – 50% off Templates

Have you ever wanted to start creating, selling and learn how to make your own printable planners, journals, digital planners, stickers or how to start an online digital product or printable business?

You can use these templates to create lead magnets for your customers, customize for your business or to help with your own productivity.

Online Template Shop‘s Canva Templates, Training & Courses are a great place to learn how to do just that!

Everything is Yadsia’s store is on sale for 50% off for Black Friday too!

I’ve bought, customized and used several of her templates for my own printables and to create personal planners for myself too.

View all the products in the Online Template Shop here and enjoy 50% off through Monday, Nov 28 only.

Also check out Yadsia’s Creating a Digital Product Course which is $50/$75 off here.

Deal #5 – Earn Cash Back when shopping online with Rakuten

Okay so this isn’t a Black Friday Deal but I had to mention Rakuten.  I’ve been a member for more years than I can remember (it used to be called eBates) and have earned over $1200 cash back just from using it for my regular purchases online.

Rakuten is a shopping rebate and coupon site that helps you find coupons and offers rebates back on purchases made through tons of online stores and websites.

Most stores offer 1-5% back, different times of the year you can get up to 10% back though! You can also find coupons through Rakuten to save even more (or use even if the store doesn’t have cash back).

One of my FAV ways to save is to do grocery pick up at Sam’s Club and use the Rakuten offer which is normally 2-3% back. Groceries are one of my biggest expenses so this extra back is nice!

All you have to do is sign up then add the Chrome extension to your browser or download the app and use it on your phone. Go to the website you want to shop from, then click to activate the Rakuten offer (and / or coupons) then complete your check out as usual.

Every 3 months you’ll get a paypal payment or paper check in the mail (whichever you choose) with your rebate.  I get anywhere from $20-50 back every quarter just for my regular shopping.

Sign up for a Rakuten account here then start saving on your regular shopping too!

Deal(s) #6 – Amazon Finds I love

Amazon has some great black friday deals. Here are a few tools I use for my business that you might need too:

Tonor Microphone

For years I bought more expensive brand mics and they always died in a couple years. The last mic I bought I didn’t want to invest a ton of money in so I grabbed this Tonor mic for under $40 and it has amazing quality!

Logitech C920x Webcam

I’ve had my Logitech C920 webcam for, no joke, 7 years now, and it still works great! This webcam offers great quality and offers zoom in / out and several customizable settings. It’s on sale for under $60 on amazon right now too.

Small Desktop Ring Light with Tripod

I used to have a big ring light and even use the photography lights. They took up too much space and were a pain to set up and take down or move around.

Then I found this little desktop size ring light that comes with a tripod for under fifteen bucks on Amazon!  I sold my bigger lights and just use this one now!

I love that it offers several different brightness levels and color tones. It’s a USB plugin light so I can just plug it into my laptop when I  use it. It’s compact and lightweight and doesn’t take up hardly any room on my desk or to store it when it’s not in use.

Asus Vivobook laptops

I am rough on my laptops. I use mine for 12+ hours daily on average, tend to drop them, have a hundred browser tabs and apps and programs open. I need a laptop that runs fast, processes all my, well, processes and is durable for a clumsy person.  I just bought a new Asus and took advantage of Amazon’s 0% monthly payment plan (if you have an Amazon Prime Account or Visa, you should have this option)

Super comfy earbuds for smaller ears.

I can’t count the # of earbuds I’ve ordered and tried over the years. I have at least a dozen sitting in my desk drawer. I have really small ear canals (TMI?) and most earbuds won’t stay in my ears and make them hurt so bad!  I finally found a pair that doesn’t cause all that pain and that actually stays in my ears. Bonus – I can even sleep in them so when I travel or have company – the noise doesn’t keep me awake.

Rechargable Mini Desk Light.

I don’t have an outlet near my desk in my current office setup and didn’t want to run another extension cord just for a desk light. I also needed a light that was small and didn’t take up much space on my desk. I was thrilled to find this usb rechargable mini desk light. It adds extra light to my desk and over my laptop when I’m working.  It’s a great little light & would work for any space you don’t have an outlet near or need a small light.

3 Tier Cart with accessories & wood top

I kept seeing these carts at stores and finally decided to order one about 2 years ago. I love this cart because it’s a great deal and includes cups you can attach (which I use to hold pens and markers) and hooks so you can hang things and a removable wood top (which comes in handy as a laptop desk too!) Be sure to click to use the extra coupon that’s offered too.

I hope you enjoy these deals & can put them to good use to help make growing your business easier!


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