Direct Selling CEOHaving your own successful direct sales business

doesn't have to be complicated or overwhelming.

You can have BOTH a thriving life & direct sales business

without all the stress and hustle.

All you need to do is step into the role of a CEO of Me.

You've been playing small and hustling for too long.

It's time to step into the role of a CEO of Me so you can:

✔️ Overcome your fears, excuses, procrastination & self-sabotages so you can create a business & life you love

✔️ Work smarter, get organized, improve your habits, be more productive and get more results in less time

✔️ Implement simple strategies, systems and processes to grow a successful, thriving business on your own terms

✔️ Feel more confident about being visible, marketing yourself and share about your business with ease & passion

✔️ Talk about your business to others without feeling pushy, fake, salesy or being afraid of rejection & being told no

✔️ Let go of perfectionism & self-criticism, negative mindsets & patterns so you Increase your self-worth

✔️ Implement a daily success routine to create more balance, ease & flow in your life & business

Misty KearnsHello direct selling friend!

I'm Misty Kearns, Coach & Business Mentor. I'm an introvert, enneagram 5w4 / INFP personality and I love learning, history and travelling. I'm from North Carolina.

I help direct sellers step into the role of a CEO so they can create more success without all the stress.

My coaching, products and programs will help you improve you confidence, productivity & marketing while staying authentic & aligned to your best self.

If you're ready to show up as your most confident, productive & authentic self in your life & business, then you're in the right place!

Get started today by registering for my FREE Printables & Training Hub and Get Access to my Free Workshop to learn how to Power Up Your Productivity in Direct Sales!

Tools, Courses & Coaching to help you step into the role of a CEO:

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DSCEO Etsy Shop - Printables and Canva Templates for Direct Sellers

DSCEO Toolkit and Printable Planner

Branding YOU as a Direct Seller Course

Life and Business Goal Planning for Direct Selelrs

Customer Follow Up Workshop

Get Booked Workshop

Lead Magnet Magic for Direct Sellers

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